Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Manmohan Singh joins team Anna in the ongoing protest against the Prime Minister!

New Delhi: In quite a dramatic turn of events Prime Minister Manmohan Singh left one & all guessing, when he switched sides and joined team Anna in the ongoing protest against the government and the Prime Minister.

In a masterstroke he changed the game on its head when he went on to blast the government & the prime minister over the decision to detain Anna and his supporters. Saying that the arrests were nothing but a reflection of the mental bankruptcy of the Congress, the government & prime minister himself and were a blatant attack on the democratic fabric of the society, he went on to add that the prime minister has some serious questions to answer,, paying no heed to the minor detail that he himself was him.

Speaking to the press he said his decision was influenced by, his own voice of reason, strong public support on Anna’s side and rumors that Katrina may be making an appearance this week to support the protest against Lokpal bill.

Our sources in the PMO confirmed that he has been practicing religiously on ‘Singh is King’ number with wife Gursharan Kaur doing a la’ Kat.

Speaking to the press he said; "Well its true that while wearing my PM hat (or should i say pagdi, he he he), I haven’t really lived up to the expectation of the role. I never had an opinion, always looked up to madam for directions and worst of all inspite of being as learned as I am I almost always had no answers to all the questions that public and opposition has been shooting at me. That put me in very bad light in front of the missus. Then last night Gursharan ji suggested how easy it would be for me to come up with answers if I was asking the questions myself … and taadaaa here I am!" going on to add "This is just a start, today evening I am also meeting Advani ji to make me the leader of opposition in the parliament."

Responding to questions from lost looking journalists, as to how he can be the Prime minister, Leader of opposition sending hate waves on his party in parliament and front line supporter of the mass movement against him, all at the same time, he said UPA government will come up with amendment to the constitution giving him the right to do so and congress will have Manish Tewari come up with a lame ass public statement. Since no one care what Manish says anyways, they do not foresee any problems in the plan succeeding.

"Even if that fails the plan B is to then have Digvijay Singh swoop in and blame it all on the RSS and right wing activists," he said.

Manish Tewari when contacted said he was prepared to do anything to help the government and the country, going on to add; "Seriously, if you have seen any one of my previous statements, you would know better as to how much room do I even have to look any more stupid". Digvijay Singh could not comment as his tounge was hurt after an hour of licking to shine, Sonia Gandhi’s slippers post she went out for a walk.

As per last update at 5PM today, Manmohan in his team Anna supporter hat was preparing to go on fast onto death, scheduled to start at 6PM and then in his prime minister hat was preparing to come, make empty promises & help break his own fast at 8PM. Mrs.Gursharan Kaur at 5PM had completed applying dressing on the tandoori chicken and was putting in a slow grill oven with a timer of 3 hrs.

News Source: You would believe me if i said Manish Tewari told me this, right?


R Athmanathan said...

Haha... Shaabash..

Loved the 'Kat' comment!! :-)

Mayank said...

I have said it before and i say it again. You are brilliant dude. The world has not found you yet.

Anoop said...

'Genius' is one word and 'dude u rock' are 3. Select what you like dude coz you are both and far more .. you made it fun to read, yet you said what you had to say. Brilliant

Keep writing and although I know why you don't,, try and do it more often. cheers!!