Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vivek’s marriage is over !

Vivek oberoi 30 October 2010. Yes you heard it right. Believe it or not, while you were sleeping last night the marriage of Vivek Obeys-Rai & Priyanka Halva got over successfully. It was a pretty low key affair with only close relatives & family participated. Truth be told even some important family member’s were missing and there were hired security personnel deployed at all exits to prevent those present from leaving early. Nonetheless the marriage did finally happen. There were varied reactions from friends & fans. The ‘Prince’ club formed by those unfortunate few who saw the movie at theaters during the 1 ½ day it ran on screens across country had a mild celebration and distributed sweets. When contacted the secretary said and we quote – “No no we don’t give a damm that he got married, we are only excited that now that some lady has voluntarily chosen to see the man’s face for major portion of the day his publicity urge may satiate and he may restrain from doing more movies.”

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Break in the News.

If you like subtle humor, present day news is not your fodder.

They may be unintentional but they are so obvious on your face, the ha-ha boom kind.

Well there was a time (remember an extinct species - Door Darshan? [link]) when we had proper English speaking news anchors who maintained the same expressionless face whether reporting the news of India completing a successful moon mission or that of our president dying.

Their lips moved to vomit out written text but their face had a constant - ‘We don't give a tiny rat’s ass.’ look. Yet, their impassive and impersonal act of news-reading, on retrospect, is in my opinion a better approach to news anchoring than the impassionate, highly personal and uninhibitedly theatrical modern day newscasters now.

Back then we had news readers and now we have news anchors. (The Job title shit .. umm sorry, shift says it all)