It would be safe to say that I am a huge believer of web2.0 revolution and am absolutely amazed by the interactive internet and the new avenues it opens up. Such a belief only intensifies when you are doing a one year fast track business program and the personal research & inputs to be put in are ably (and only) supported by one single force that we know as world wide web :) When you have taken so much from that sphere it is only fair that you give something back (PS: quality of what was taken not to be compared with contribution though.)

Above are the lines that I just blurted out - a trend that you might see throughout this blog.

On a serious note though, writing for me is one of the natural ways to express and blog my choice of media to share. What I write is spontaneous, only powered by my thoughts in that moment in a direction  which sometimes taking shape of a story. Or my commentary on topics in the society that impact me strongly enough to trigger a thought process that takes shape of words.