We'll any writer worth his/her salt would tell you that all that has come out of his pen is his best work and he can not pick one over the other. Well how I see it is, that it is just a ploy and they are not going to tell you which ones of their writing are torture and invariably you have to read all the crap to find the gems (if any).

But since I do not (yet) claim to be one (Author worth my salt that is ... I prefer sweet anyways,) so here are the posts that I particularly enjoyed penning down and you might want to read. Pick your genre:

1.  Dear Sender, I'll be out of Office
    Genre: Humor | Nonsensical

2. If you are not touching you are not traveling
    Genre: Humor | Satire
3. State Vs Naxals - Those dying are the same 
    Genre: Social Commentary | Cruel Truth
4. Celebrations have changed
    Genre: Nostalgia | Changing times
5. The only option is to change sides
    Genre: Social Satire | Irony
6.  What Men Want
    Genre: Humor | Nonsensical