Monday, March 29, 2010

A Tribute to GOD himself – Aeeee Salaaaaa Prabhuji !

This is for all my GenX friends or to ‘Youngistan’ (a term which a out of place looking 50+ Sanjay Dutt & a under ripe Ranbeer Kapoor tried to promote without much success). So, my friends with a heightened sense of selection, who were too snobbish to dismiss courageous attempts at creativity like Rann, Houseful, Wanted, Badmash Company, Kites …. etc as a not noteworthy & Deepika Padokonish feeble shot at movie making - Am outraged on your thinking (well to be honest not as outraged as Rakhi Sawant was when Mikka went too far while checking her Lipstick flavor), so lets rephrase that am upset when such Bollyflicks are equated to an eventuality of an attempted remake of Titanic with KRK & Himesh R as lead. (Depending on the adventurous abilities of your mind you may assume at either of them at the leading end of the mast). Well don’t get me wrong I hate them too but for totally different reasons. Reason simple enough that they dont even come close to my Prabhuji. 

What? Who Prabhuji ??? Well if you really don't know your existence on planet earth till now does not have any meaning? But for now plead mercy for your sins and read on.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Growth on “X” axis !

Exactly 58 days back a pretty looking manager at the booking table of Cloud 9 Gym promised a gullible Mr.XXL a healthy lifestyle and a fit body in return of Rs.22K.  But what happened … now after about 2 months have gone by he is sill so “horizontally” existent that the Air Traffic Controller at the local Airport sights him on their radar. Read on the following post which is my inference of why people like Mr.XXL should not be seeking to reverse the growth that GOD has bestowed on them in return of their good deeds in past life and should understand that being “Horizontally challenged” is a boon,,,, much contrary to the general perception !