Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Men Want !

You may have seen the celluloid version of the other half of  this story on screen where Mel Gibson took us though the complex thought process of the "better half" of the society. Did it ever cross your mind as to why Nancy Mayor did not opt to make ‘What Men Want’ ? Well, if you give it a thought - she would have told the answer i.e ‘Sex’ in say 5 mins – there is nothing else in the male mind to fill up for the rest 80 odd mins of the movie.

So friends, the inability of this topic to make it to the 70mm screen is pretty much the genesis of this post. [PS: Parental guidance advised before reading on.] Well in the full story, what I am trying to do it to make you understand what men want & why men want what they want and also clear a bit of smoke from the ‘Women from Venus’ myth.