Monday, August 22, 2011

BCCI to appoint an injury excuse coach!

New Delhi: Following news of rifts within in the Indian test squad over allocation of injury excuses to opt out of the depressing series, BCCI has finally decided to hire a coach to train the star players on how to come up with innovative excuses to pull out of any ill-fated series with possibly humiliating result in store or for when they are trying to save their mojo only for the money minting IPL.

According to sources with direct access to dressing room, the trouble started when the two Delhi batsmen raced with their announcements to beat the rest of the team in citing Concussion & Shoulder Injury to opt of the the remainder of the ongoing England Vs Dravid series.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Manmohan Singh joins team Anna in the ongoing protest against the Prime Minister!

New Delhi: In quite a dramatic turn of events Prime Minister Manmohan Singh left one & all guessing, when he switched sides and joined team Anna in the ongoing protest against the government and the Prime Minister.

In a masterstroke he changed the game on its head when he went on to blast the government & the prime minister over the decision to detain Anna and his supporters. Saying that the arrests were nothing but a reflection of the mental bankruptcy of the Congress, the government & prime minister himself and were a blatant attack on the democratic fabric of the society, he went on to add that the prime minister has some serious questions to answer,, paying no heed to the minor detail that he himself was him.

Speaking to the press he said his decision was influenced by, his own voice of reason, strong public support on Anna’s side and rumors that Katrina may be making an appearance this week to support the protest against Lokpal bill.

BCCI to field Shashank Manohar as the second opening batsman in the 4th & final test at Oval

London: In a historic move the national cricket selection committee announced to field BCCI president Shashank Manohar as the new opening batsmen to come out with Gautam Gambhir in the fourth & final test at the Oval in the ongoing India tour of England. Mr.Manohar would be replacing Virender Sehwag.

Breaking the news in a specially called in press conference, the beaming national selection committee chairman, Krish Srikant said it was a well thought out counter strategy to preempt the excessive homework that English bowlers have done & the plan their think-tank has come up with to expose the weak point of our great batting line up and nip it in the bud.