Sunday, February 28, 2010

State Vs Naxals - Where does this end?

The closest that I have got to an inland extremist, naxalites or the Maoist is back in 2005 when traveling a few 100 km from Kolkata in the rural heartland of West Bengal our site installation team was stopped at a village road and asked to pay up taxes for passing on the road. There was no violence, in fact the octroi collectors or the traffic policemen in Mumbai are any day more rude when stopping a non MH registration vehicle in Mumbai. Those men there were normal  bangla speaking guys, dressed in pajamas & soiled shirts who would easily pass for an normal villager except for the two barrel guns hanging on their shoulders – a noticeable add-on to their attire that entitled them to run a parallel government and collect taxes on behalf of their “red” army.

All new "Honda Crosstour"

Honda's latest experiment. The first crossover utility vehicle (CUV) from the Honda stable. The shape has attracted some polar opinions. I belong to the side that kind of like it. Not confirmed as to when it would come to India though.

Detailed Review:

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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name is Stupendous

Well it seems that I have been talking nothing but movies for the past few times. But such is life dearies, maybe i did not get a topic of interest to write or maybe what I wanted to write was not interesting. Nevertheless here I am with yet another comment on perhaps one of the better made cinemas I have seen in recent times.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vishal Bharadwaj’s ISHQIA – Viciously honest !!

ishqiya The brilliance of Naseer Saab as ‘Iftekhar’, the infectious energy levels of Arshad as ‘Babban’ and the so believable Vidya Balan as ‘Krishna’ is enough to pay you back your money’s worth in full. And to top that you have the superb direction of debutant Abhishek Choubey, the magic of Gulzar-Vishal duo and the so real settings of a dusty UP village. An amazingly honest attempt by the entire team to tell you a story which is so real and told in the backdrop that makes it all the more hitting. A must watch for anyone who likes watching stories that you know can come from around you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pranav Mistry and the magic of Sixth Sense.

Watching Pranav Mistry, India’s IT wunderkind, demonstrate his “SixthSense” technology you cannot but help feeling like a raw meat eating Tarjan from the stone age watching a man use a video phone. The hi-tech gadgets we boast around & use would seem like toys for kids. 

Throw your phone and dial a number by the keypad that appear on your palm, raise your bare fingers & take a picture, look at your flight ticket and see the most updated status of your flight …. These are only a few dreams that he displays, dreams that a few years ago would have to be rubbished as anecdotes of black magic. But today, rest your horses if at any point you find it to be a chapter straight out of science fiction. It is being put to business use and we have products like Google photo search, or Google bar code search available for use. Even by the most conservative estimates it should not be long when you see majority of the ideas shared here become a affordable product or service that you would be using.
If you have not already seen this, take my word you would love it. Enjoy !!
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