Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name is Stupendous

Well it seems that I have been talking nothing but movies for the past few times. But such is life dearies, maybe i did not get a topic of interest to write or maybe what I wanted to write was not interesting. Nevertheless here I am with yet another comment on perhaps one of the better made cinemas I have seen in recent times.

For a change this is not what you would expect of a Karan Johar movie. No super rich dads, no sets straight out of Archie books and no larger than life uncle Sam. It reflected Karan magnanimous style to some extent but he was shrewd enough to blend it with the theme of the story he is telling. Not that I do not like the regular products coming out of the KJ factory. I mean I did try to get a leather jacket when I saw DDLJ and still have one of those boxed winter shirts. But then time have changes and so has Karan’s story telling. While he experiments with the life of the story it still ends in that typical “All is well” Karan style. Kudos to the amazing story telling, the research done behind the characters that makes them look real, awesome cinematography and soothing music.

To say that Mandira & Rizwan Khan were Mandira and Rizwan Khan would perhaps be the most apt compliment to the vastly improved SRK & the beautiful Kajol. This is the third movie in line that SRK has pulled off without leaning a bit and opening his arms wide to welcome the running love of his life rushing to embrace him. Swadesh, Chak De and now MNIK. SRK sure can act. The very fact that he was able to command giggle without a obvious joke and choked throat & take eyes on the verge of tears without crying out loud is a living proof of the heights of honesty put in the act by the actors and the director.
“My name is khan and I am not a terrorist ..” goes straight into the list of cult dialogs that grow larger the movie.  And SRK has sure come a long way from “I hate girls …”, “Raj .. Naam to suna hi hoga” and many more to pulling off “My name is khan and I am not a terrorist ..”

A very well made movie that is worth being bought as a DVD and added to your collection of all time bests.

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