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Vivek’s marriage is over !

Vivek oberoi 30 October 2010. Yes you heard it right. Believe it or not, while you were sleeping last night the marriage of Vivek Obeys-Rai & Priyanka Halva got over successfully. It was a pretty low key affair with only close relatives & family participated. Truth be told even some important family member’s were missing and there were hired security personnel deployed at all exits to prevent those present from leaving early. Nonetheless the marriage did finally happen. There were varied reactions from friends & fans. The ‘Prince’ club formed by those unfortunate few who saw the movie at theaters during the 1 ½ day it ran on screens across country had a mild celebration and distributed sweets. When contacted the secretary said and we quote – “No no we don’t give a damm that he got married, we are only excited that now that some lady has voluntarily chosen to see the man’s face for major portion of the day his publicity urge may satiate and he may restrain from doing more movies.”

Our correspondent at MNN caught the newlywed for an interview right after their marriage before their their first night. Rumors are that Priyanka called the journalist for an interviews coz she wanted to delay the inevitable. But without proof these are mere speculations. Anyways here are some parts from the conversation for you:

MNN: Vivek first of all many congratulations on finally getting married … we never expected we would be covering this.

Vivek: *Looks surprised*

MNN: O no no, because of the bigger news on Adarsh co-operative society scam revealing more secrets of late, not because we think you are such a loser and would never get married.

Vivek: Ah, well thats actually alright. Truth be told, even Dad didn’t think the day would complete without any unexpected twists & turns. Suresh ji actually even had a printed media release ready to explain as to why the entire HAlwa family abandoned the marriage at the last moment. Thank god we didn’t have to use that.

MNN: Ya but that some hard work at writing from your dad that goes down the drain.

Vivek: Ah, don’t worry about that, we can tweak it and may use it in my second marriage.

MNN: Second marriage ??? *tries to look surprised*

Vivek: O stop pretending,,, we both know how long my relationship with any self respecting woman can last.

MNN: Ah well. Actually right. Anyways coming back to this marriage. All went well haan. Seems you guys planned it to be clandestine.

Vivek: *Looks around and asks sheepishly* Clandestine?

MNN: Ah well sorry, too big a word for you. I meant your family had planned to keep it a low key event not inviting too many celebrities that may have attracted attention.

Vivek: Oooo, no no not like that. Actually we had invited every tom dick & harry in the Bollywood. None cared to turn up … Oops me & my loud mouth, can’t hide anything … Please Scratch that … No actually we invited everyone in Bollywood, but apparently tonight is also Salman’s 9th dog’s 11th birthday bash and everyone had to go there so couldn't make it to my wedding … O crap, I did it again … Pleeeeeeeeeease Scratch that too …. Lets say, Yes we planned to clandestine.

MNN: We’ll okay don’t panic, I was not listening anyways. I will use something from some else’s interview. *looking at the bride* So Priyanka. How was the experience looking at your prince charming while dressed in a shadi ka joda.

Priyanka Halva: *Sleepy till now’ jumps up excited* Prince charming !!! What Manavendra Joshi is here ???

MNN: *taken aback* No No Priyanka that is not what i meant

Priyanka Halva: *cuts in between* ok so its Alex, wow !!!! where is heeeee, Aaaaaaaalex !!

MNN: *panics* Priyanka, Priyanka !! calm down, I meant Vivek - your husband, man of your dreams, your prince charming, your first choice for husband.

Priyanka Halva: Sigh! O he, *shoulder drops, falls back on the sofa* Yaa there he is.

MNN: Ya him, So u were saying ..

Priyanka Halva: Ya it was ok. But then this is my first interview and I obviously don’t want to look more stupid that am anyways appearing after this event err marriage. Yes after all that I have seen I guess it was ok marrying Vivek.

MNN: What? Are you suggesting Vivek was not your first choice.

Priyanka Halva: *erupts suddenly* O gimme a break. Just look at him. Or even worse go and watch Krisna, Pyaare Mohan, Dum, Prince or Rakhta Charitra. Do you really think he can be anybody’s first choice. Bull sh**t. And first choice of girls my foot, he isn’t even the last choice for his directors. He steals his mothers gold jewelry, pawns it at Mannapuram Gold loans and gives the money to producers to make directors cast him. We invited him & his family for dinner one night last year and he stole my mothers jewelry too. That's how he got Prince. Then obviously it sank and his family did not have enough money to repay and finally it was agreed that I marry him and he would work at my place to repay the money. While we called a press conference he stole the journalists cameras and pawned it too to get Rakhta Charitra. And then …

Vivek: *squeals* Priyanka control !!!!

Priyanka Halva: *breaths heavy* O sorry it came out of instincts. Please scratch that … *calms down* Yes it was wonderful looking at my dream man *breaks down*

MNN: Hey Priyanka don’t cry please. We don’t want to hold you two love birds and delay your first night romance any longer. Please accept our condolences err .. Congratulations and you two love birds may proceed to your love pad for the night.

Priyanka Halva: *sobbing* I would rather jump from the roof.

Vivek: *jumps in* O well actually she is bit on the edge as you may understand. The feeling of getting separated from parents takes time to sink in. Please excuse us.

Priyanka Halva: You moron, it’s you who’s separating. Remember you have to stay at our home and do the chores to repay …

Vivek: *jumps in again* Sweeeeeety  !!! lets go in and decide on that

Priyanka Halva: … *lost in background noise of punches and Vivek moaning*

Last heard by our correspondent at Making News Network they were still fighting to settle on the chores list.

Photo Source: HT Cafe | News Source: Would have told but you already know where this came from. Right !

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Haha.. If you had used a genuine news company's name instead of FNN, people would have believed it :-)

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