Saturday, May 21, 2011

If this does not motivate the sales force, I don’t know what will ..

Today I thought of returning back to writing and while I was yet undecided on whether I want to write about work, life, my experiences in a new city or a making news post, I came across this VERY REAL news in one of London’s most circulated free daily business papers.  Well there are ways & techniques of motivating your men and their are ways of motivating your men, but if Hitler could have come up with such well planned incentive scheme, world would be a different place.

While the news may be as bizarre as it is but am sure you’d be impressed by the color coding  technique used. Pardon the appalling undertone but you have to be methodical when there is a 100:20 ratio. Kudos. As they say there should be a method to madness.

Writing suspended as for the moment I don’t think I can top this. So here it is reproduced as reported in the tabloid:

German insurer admits hosting sex party for its best salesmen

Friday 20th May 2011, 1:28am GMT

A PROSTITUTE-filled sex party was arranged to reward top salesmen at a subsidiary of the world’s biggest reinsurance company, Munich Re, the firm admitted yesterday.

Munich Re’s insurance arm Ergo said the party took place at the Gellert Baths thermal baths in Budapest, where 100 of its best salesmen were given free access to at least 20 prostitutes.
The party, in June 2007, was arranged by Hamburg-Mannheimer International, which is now part of Ergo and so the Munich Re group.

Details of the party, first reported in German newspaper Handelsblatt, cited former HMI employees saying the baths were turned into an “open-air brothel” for the “incentive trip”.

The women present wore colour-coded armbands in red, yellow and white, with red identifying them as purely hostesses; yellow bands indicating they were prostitutes and white bands meaning they were “reserved” for executives and the best agents.

Beds were set up for the salesmen and women to use, and after each encounter the women had their forearms stamped, the paper reported.

Ergo spokesman Alexander Becker told City A.M. the people responsible for the party were no longer with the firm and measures were put in place in 2007 to prevent such an event taking place again.


Mayank said...

Looks like the new city is keeping you busy enough. Didnt know you have moved to London!!
Atleast get back to twitter dude..

As for the post, i am sure the uptight europeans are going to make a hu ha about it. Salesman would have made a beeline for this company otherwise. I loved the color codes! It can be put to many effective usages in daily life.

Me! said...

ahaan!! interest post that!! as you rightly said if this doesnt motivate sales what will!

and good to and it is good to know you are still on earth or in some place where you do have internet access?!
where have you been dude?
reply to emails will you?! is everything alright?!