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Consistent Bachchan

guru-abhishek-bachchan-1 Ram Gopal Varma once said this man’s a better actor than his father Amitabh Bachchan. But then Ram Gopal verma also said that ‘Raam gopal verma ki Aag’ was a true tribute to Sholay and that he had no ulterior motive in giving 5 back to back movies to Priyanka Kothari. So lets leave that shmuck aside. Lets about the man himself - Abhishek Bacchan. He's dubbed the Crown Prince of Bollywood. Son of screen legend Amitbah Bachchan, Abhishek has emerged as a major star in his own right and more importantly in his own space, which happens to be right there at the very bottom. Educated in Switzerland and the United States, he entered into acting in his early 20s, and the only known acclaim that he has till date is marrying his wife Aishwarya all on his own.

Small B goes candid with our correspondent from Making News Networks, as he talks about life, gols, squares and straight lines.

MNN: Hello Sir, thanks for accommodating us in your busy schedule.

AB: No No .. No problem at all. Time is all I have .. Well actually a lot of people have that confusion. You see what happens is that on seeing me with dad, mom, Aish, Amarsingh etc people absent mindedly associate a picture of busy schedule with me .. But all I can say is, don’t trust all that you see.

MNN: All right then. To start with, please accept heartiest congratulations from our whole team & entire nation on yet another flop.

AB: Thanks you. What can I say, GOD has been kind.

MNN: So would you like to tell us something about ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se’. You were very tensed before the release. So how was the entire experience.

AB: O Yes Yes, I was very tensed. You see with my last movie ‘Raavan’ I had a narrow escape. With people line Mani Ratnam, Aishwarya, Vikram and AR Rehman associated with ‘Raavan’ the kind of hype that movie got before release, we were scared to death that it might become a hit. But I guess my past lives good works paid off and it tanked .. It was difficult but we achieved it as a team .. I mean did you even look what we were up against - the budget, people, locations, music, I mean it was so easy to loose focus and give a blockbuster .. But I must give credit to my and my wife’s dedication to lifeless acting that we were able to pull off a flop from those ingredients. From outside it may appear easy but when you have a image to maintain, you have to be totally involved.

MNN: hmm you were saying about ‘Khelien hum..’

AB: Ya post ‘Raavan’ near death experiance, with ‘Khelien hum ..’ we didn’t want to take any chances hence we got Ashutosh Gowarikar as the director. With him around, I mean you can be 50% sure that the final product would be crap. I mean look at his face with that constant ‘I just smelled my own boxers’ look, that alone is good enough to shoo people away from the theater. With ‘Khelien hum ..’ I am sure he has conclusively proven as to who between him & Aamir directed most of ‘Lagaan’ and that if you have have see Ashutosh’s real work you have to watch ‘What’s my Rashee’ and ‘Khelien hum ..’.

MNN: Ok so with Ashutosh around you were relaxed that final movie would be a dud.

AB: No No. Like I said, after Raavan I did not want to take any chances hence after Ashutosh as director we signed Deepika as the female lead .. That sealed it .. I mean the chic is a genius. See to start with, anatomically she barely qualifies as a female lead, you know like waist up & all. And even if you overlook that fact, its almost impossible to get her to act. I mean calling her a female Arjun Rampal would be an understatement. So ya with Ashutosh & Deepika in, I was sure this would be yet another big flop for me .. *looses himself in a trance, then smiles* .. Dad would be proud of me !

MNN: Hmm good planning I must admit. So Abhishek tell our readers, were you always clear that you wanted to become the flop superstar. Did being Amitji & Jaya’s son (that is when we are carrying on with the assumption that you are) not bother you?

AB: I won’t say that this is what I planned when I entered the Industry or it was easy. But it seems everything kept falling in place .. Like I always say, GOD has been kind .. You see from my school days itself am a big fan of zero. The roundness of that shape always fascinated me. Speaking of my liking for roundness, it was only apt that I started my career with Kareena. And I am speaking of that time only when she was most round at all possible places, then of course she spoilt it all but that too with that zero figure n all. So zero kept popping up in my life. Also biggest of them all, looking at my acting skills my first director JP Dutta predicted, that that (zero) was the amount I should consistently see on my paycheck if were to be evaluated on my acting skills .. So point is that the attraction with zero or the bottom was always there and there were enough hints.

MNN: But now that you have mentioned Kareena & JP, ‘Refuge’ did do a decent business. In fact it got you nominated for the best male debut Filmfare.

AB: *Laughs* .. O ya that ! .. Dad I tell you! he always surprises me with such gifts .. But then the good thing about my family is their maturity. When I told Bacchan Sab & Mom that look lets accept it, you have seen me, you’ve seem women I have dated, you have seen my school grades and you have also seen my acting. There is no way I can follow dad and achieve same or more than what he has achieved. So wht don’t I become the Big B of anti-universe and we will have a winner for all worlds right at home. I told them about my dream of being the unprecedented flop superstar of the century, and they were totally supportive. And from there I worked really hard to achieve what I wanted. And it reflects in my work. You see ‘Dhai Akshar Prem Ke’, ‘Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya’, ‘Haan Mene Bhi Pyaar Kiya hai’, ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani hun’, ‘Mumbai Se Aya Mera Dost’ etc they all broke record after record for lowest grosser.

In fact the first real career high moment I achieved was with ‘Naach’. Story goes on first day of the release, Raam Charan shukla the Reel operator at Imax cinemas was allegedly the only one who saw or had to see the first show as he was the one playing it. And then when the Imax management was forcing him to play the second show of ‘Nach’, he allegedly unrolled the film roll from the cassette and hanged himself with the same .. *Silence* .. Well I was touched by the gesture .. It was post that incident that I realized that I had it in me and have been confident of myself since then.


AB: Ya I mean when someone shows that kind of confidence in you, you get motivated to work harder. In fact I followed up ‘Naach’ with, ‘Mumbai se Aaya Mera Dost’, ‘Sharaarat’, ‘Phir milenge’ etc. Well I can say that I am satisfied with what I have not achieved.

MNN: Hmm so what went wrong with ‘Bunty Aur Bubly’, ‘Bluff Master’, ‘Sarkar’

AB: Bad choices I would say. But my conscience is clear. Even if you see these movies once you’d know they have been hit due to factors beyond me. I tried hard with my abysmal acting, but you can’t do much when a energetic Rani Mukharjee in Bunty, a winning script in Bluff and my own Dad in Sarkar thwart your effort and make the movie work. It was embarrassing. But what to do. Who said life was bed of roses.

MNN: Who said?

AB: Who said what?

MNN: Who said life was a bed of roses?

AB: I don’t know

MNN: But you said who said?

AB: O that was a rhetorical question.

MNN: Anyways .. bigger thing is we still see you as a hopeless star and refuse to watch any of your movies.

AB: What can I say, I am what I am because of my fans.. Or lack of them.

MNN: So AB would you like to talk on you marriage.

AB: Ya Ya that. Aish was a conscious effort on my part. You see I have been always accused of having the benefit of the having the parents I have. I mean people are mean enuf to say that you had no role whatsoever in your having those parents and I should have some sort of guilt in riding on their good names. So marrying Aish was a slap in their face of my detractors. I mean she is all my effort right. My initiative my work. So now I can leach on her celebrity status for the rest of my life but no one can accuse me that she just fell in my lap. I watered that plant and am now reaping the benefits.

MNN: How have people accepted your marriage?

AB: See I don’t care. I have got on my bed what they had got on their bedroom walls in posters. They should learn to respect me.

MNN: Great .. So any more goals that you have set for yourself in future.

AB: Ya, sometime in future I would like to see at least one, one of my producers shoot himself in the head on first day of release. Am working on it. Only if GOD remains kind I shall see that happen. Do pray for me.

MNN: Amen, we can see you seeing that day. Thanks so much for talking to us. Now if you’ll excuse me, at least I have a life. Thanks & Bye

Photo Source: Do you care? For this.Really?? | News Source: Would have told but you already know where this came from. Right!


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