Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) – Movie Review (My take: 8/10)

When the dead walk, the living will fill the graves” - The movie has quite a few take home phrases but this one happens to be my favorite. I particularly liked the dead cold expression of the graveyard guard as he delivers the verdict from the skies to Sherlock & co. Sherlock Holmes - A must watch for the Victorian era lovers, The story is good, the acting makes the story believable, the screenplay is good, the scenes are straight out of history. For the casual moviegoer, it makes for a very good watch and deserves a 9/10. However if you are looking for a hard core Holmes movie or a fantastic portrayal of his character, this isnt it. Overall good value for money and time.

Guy Ritchie (Madona’s husband !) tells a  gripping romantic thriller set in the magnanimous Victorian London, portrayed in all its allure with its dark alleys, rains, stone pavements, horse run carriages, dark grey skylines, ship building yard, gas run abattoirs and shoddy prisons. Watson’s dressing has been especially impressive and I’ve often found myself desperately wanting to don those fabrics. The historical London Bridge is shown in a stage of construction and is also the venue of a well shot climax. The superbly intelligent baseline investigation is cleverly interwoven with multiple stories that of  the brilliant camaraderie portrayed between Sherlock & Watson, the romantic undertone of the sweet struggle to outsmart the other between Sherlock & Irene Adler and the unmistakable humorous side of Sherlock’s character. This is where is differs from other period films that all the stories perfectly gel together to give you absolute comfort levels with the characters and makes you live the investigation which unfolds without any dramatic filmy styled luck or GOD send help. In fact one of the best thing about the movie is that you can be absolutely ignorant of the shear brilliance of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character that breathed in life and blood for ages and still you will come out totally zapped by the sheer brilliance of Sherlock's analytical thinking.

Those familiar with Sherlock though would distinctly notice the absence of the trademark high brow, aquiline nose, long face and chiseled features. The only resemblance to the living character from Sir Arthur’s books is the walking stick although it also is modified with cigar shaped head. I cannot connect it to the character from the book. The movie is a bit fast paced too. Trying to show too much in too little time in the investigation part of it. You’ll notice that the basic appeal of a Holmes story viz., keen observation and logical deduction that has always been its USP, has been sidelined to some extent.

But again overall this can be your bet for the weekend if you are already done with 3 Idiots & Avatar. If they have to be aligned for me it would be 3 Idiots – Sherlock Homles – Avatar.

BTW imax wadala – The place to watch movies. I went there after two years. The place has changed. Take my word, you wan to check it out. Have fun !!


R Athmanathan said...

How about IMAX Montreal.. :-) Blogs need to cater to global audiences. Stop thinking locally !!!

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ahh, well I have a dear friend in Montreal and I completely trust his skills to add a Montreal update to give this a global flavour..